The end of service of Soktaku and Soktaku driver


Please note that the provision of Soktaku and Soktaku drivers will be terminated at the end of July this year.  It is because the map display is no longer possible due to the end of the provision of map information (free version).

Regarding taxi call center information, it is provided by the separately provided application “EVENTA”, so please use this. If you tap the event group (sky tree icon on the upper right) of “Eventa” and select the “Taxi, Transportation” group, the taxi call center will be displayed on the map, so tap the phone number displayed by tapping the icon. You can make an immediate telephone reservation. You can easily make a telephone reservation without spending time searching for a taxi reservation destination on the go or in an emergency.

Thank you for using Sokutaku and Sokutaku Driver for a long time. In the future, we would like to proceed with further version upgrades of “EVENTA” and other application development, so if you have any opinions, requests, “, we would appreciate it if you could contact us. ..

July 20, 2021

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