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Search or register nearby events with Eventa, such as festivals, concerts, exhibitions and much more. Read more


Events with undecided venues and events on the web can be posted as web events. Read more


You can easily provide location information for mobile sales of food stalls, kitchen cars, etc. Read more


For business trips, travel, and taxi use on the go, select the event group “Taxi, Transportation” and the taxi call center near you will be displayed. You can easily call and make a reservation for a taxi even in places where you are not familiar with the town. Read more


Currently, we do not provide the Soktaku app. Please use the event group “Taxi, Transportation” of Eventa.

In addition to the taxi search function, sokutaku is able to used to watch your family when you go out, contact you when you go home, and search when you lose your smartphone. Read more.


Currently, we do not provide “Sokutaku Driver”. Eventa event group “Taxi, Transportation” Please register as one taxi call center. At that time, do not forget to enter the phone number or URL.

This application is for taxi drivers. No registration required, you can immediately check the location of passengers who wish to board nearby. Read more.

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