Guide for sokutaku


In addition to the taxi search function, sokutaku is able to be used to watch your family when you go out, contact you when you go home, and search when you lose your smartphone.

How to Use?

1. User registration (If you only search for taxis, you do not need to register)
(1) User registration is required to provide your location, search, and search for other smartphones.

1.1 How to register?

(1) Tap “Unregistered user”
(2) There are the following three user registration methods
a) Enter your e-mail address and password directly
b) Use Facebook account
c) Use Google Play account
e) Use Apple account
e) Appleアカウントを使用

2.  Smartphone location information (hereinafter referred to as your location) Notification partner setting

2.1 Your information
Please enter if you want to send your information to the person you notify location information (hereinafter referred to as the notification party).
For example, please enter your name, phone number, message, etc.

The time stamp is the time at the time of your notification and is displayed when you tap the icon. However, the update interval of the time stamp depends on the separately set “Data update cycle during screen display” or “Data update cycle in the background”.

Note) After setting, tap the upper right icon (paper plane) to reflect the setting contents on the server. If you do not do this, the settings will be invalid.

3. Data update cycle and other settings

3.1 Data update cycle during screen display
According to the data update cycle in the foreground. It is the data transmission/reception cycle while the app is running and the app screen is displayed. The default is 5 seconds.

3.2 Background data update cycle
 This setting is the data transmission/reception cycle when operating in the background after closing the application screen. The default is 1 minute, but if you are worried about the battery power consumption, please set it longer.
However, depending on the set value, the data update cycle of the own position becomes longer, so the deviation from the actual position may become large.

3.3 Taxi call center display settings
Please use when it is difficult to confirm the position on the screen, such as when the taxi call center icon overlaps the icon of the person who has allowed the location notification.


3.4 Alarm function
A function to notify by sound and vibration when the location information provider is within the specified range or outside the specified range. If there is a location information provider to you, tap “E-mail to which access is permitted” to display a list. If there is no location provider, it will not be displayed in the list and this function cannot be used.

4. Search for taxis and taxi call centers

4.1 Immediately after startup, if there is a taxi that uses a taxi call center and a Sokaku driver running nearby, that car will be displayed.

4.2 When making a phone reservation for a taxi
(1) You can call the call center by tapping the taxi call center icon (phone mark) near you.
(2) If you decide the taxi company, please call to make a reservation.下さい。

4.3 When notifying you that you want to board a taxi
(1) If a taxi using the Sokaku Driver App (displaying the car mark on the map) is running, you can notify the taxi of your desire to board. If you want to notify the passenger that you want to board, please tap the humanoid icon on the menu to notify the driver (the humanoid icon will be in a raised state). Multiple drivers using the Sokaku Driver App will be notified. Depending on the situation of the taxi driver, you may not be able to come to pick up, so please check whether you are waiting for a while while checking the icon movement status of the taxi or decide whether to call for a boarding reservation.

  • The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store/Apple Store.
  • The app is free to use.