Guide for EVENTA

Eventa is an application that allows you to easily search and post information on sightseeing spots, sports, concerts, exhibitions, school festivals, bargain sales, gourmets, hot springs, transportation, parties, real estate, and other various event information.
 Please use it to search for events, advertise, attract customers, and share information between friends.

How to Use

1. User registration (User registration is not required for those who only search for events)
(1) User registration is required to post the event.
(2) Immediately after installation, it will be “Non-regsistered User”.
(3) At the end of user registration, the subscription plan becomes a free plan and can use Eventa free of charge.
(4) When you upgrade the subscription plan, the number of registered events and extend the period of events that can be posted. For details, please refer to “Section 6 Subscription plan”.

1.1 Registration
You can register by tapping “Non-registered User” on the main menu.
1) tapping “Non-registered User”

(2) There are the following three user registration methods
a) Enter your email address and password directly
b) Use Facebook account
c) Use Google Play account
d) Use Apple account

2. Event search
(1) When Eventa is started, you can see some event icons are displayed from the event near the current location.

The meaning of each icon is as follows
 Event group
List(List of events posted on the map)
List(Web event or event list with undecided venue. Not displayed on the map)
Search for places on the map
Register a new event
Current location (Nothing on Android because it is on the map)
Main menu (user management, other)

(2) If you want to check the event details, tap the event icon on the map


The meaning of each icon is as follows
Event position display
Navigation (Displaying the route to the event location)

(4) Tap the list icon to display a list of events.
You can check the registered event details on the map. If you tap “Latest”, the latest events will be displayed in the order of updates. However, it may take some time to display depending on the number of registered events.

3. Event posting
3.1 Select event group. Tap , and select your event group.

3.2 Tap to create a new event
3.2.1 Create a new event on Map
(1) Select “Create your events on map”

(2) Move the map to determine the event location
(3) Tap “Create Event Here”
(4) Fill in the necessary information and tap to send . You can register multiple photos and 1 video.
(5) After sending, the event will be registered on the map.

3.2.2 Create a new events on the Web
(1) You can create a web events by tapping “Create your events on web”.
(2) After filling in the required items (title and summary are required), tap to send.
(3) Events created and registered here will not be displayed on the map, so please check the registered contents in the event list display on the top menu (tap ).

4. Registration event management

4.1 Edit Event
(1) If you select an event created on the map or on the web from the map or list, you can edit the event created by yourself.
(2) メニュー
   Move to event location (not displayed for web events)
   Navi (Navi display to the event location. Not displayed for web events)
(3) When editing is complete, send (tap). 

4.2 Event history

(1) You can check and edit the history of registered events by following the steps below.

(A) Tap  on the top menu
(B) Tap the user name
(C) Tap “Stored Events”

(2) If there is a registration event, it will be displayed. Also, you can edit by tapping this event.

5. Subscription
Free (free)
Number of posting events (displayable events): 1
Number of events that can be saved: 2
Event posting period (* a): 15 days

Basic (paid (* b))
Number of posting events(displayable events): 2
Number of events that can be saved: 6
Event registration period (* a): 30 days

Professional (paid (* b))
Number of posting events(displayable events): 3
Number of events that can be saved: 18
Event registration period (* a): 90 days

Enterprise (paid (* b))
Number of posting events(displayable events): 4
Number of events that can be saved: 48
Event registration period (* a): Unlimited

(* a) “Event registration period” is the period during which only events within the “event registration period” from the registration date can be registered.
Example) “Free” plan
Registration date: January 01, 2020
Event start date: 01 January 01, 2020 (setting date should be before the end date)
Event end date: 01 January 16, 2020 (cannot be set after January 16, 2020)
(* b) Please check the charge from the screen when selecting the charge plan. Please refer to “item 6”.

6. Upgrade
(1) Upgrading from “Change rate plan (current: free)” can increase the number of registered events and extend the “event registration period”
(2) Tap “Subscription(Now:Free)” on the main menu, user management screen.

(3) Please select a plan from each subscription plan

7. Note
7.1 Remove Apple account
(1) When you delete your account which logged in with Apple account and you tried to login again with Apple account after that, you will get the following popup.
Please remove this app from App ID logins in the Settings app and then retry.
(2) In that case you should remove your Eventa apple from your smartphone such as below.
Setting -> Your name (Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & …) -> Password & Security ->
Apple ID logins -> Edit -> Eventa -> Stop using Apple ID -> Stop using