Sokutaku versionup

This time, we have upgraded Sokaku (iOS, Android have been released).

This time, in addition to the existing taxi search function, we have added our own location notification function. With this, the person you specified can check the location of your smartphone at the time you specified. If you can set your family’s email address (e-mail address registered in Sokaku app), that person can confirm your position.

You can check the movement status by watching over the family members, such as when a child goes out, when an elderly family goes out, or when the husband returns home. No need to contact us by email or TEL. Also, there is a function to notify by sound or vibration when the distance is more than or equal to the specified distance. You will be notified by sound or vibration when your family members or friends are straying while moving or approaching each other.

Please use it.
(We would appreciate if you could send us an email with your impressions)